Tried To Be Lazy Today

But didn’t quite make it. Put my tool box back into the back of my truck. Cleaned the kitchen. Mowed the “front” yard. Straightened up around the house. Worked on the Club’s Financial statements.


Kept myself busy, in other words. And before I knew it, it was 1600! Phew! No wonder I feel tired.

Speaking of feelings: Been having sharp pains in my chest the past couple of days. Nothing lasting; just sudden sharp pain that lasts for all of a second. No other signs or symptoms. And my heart has been beating more irregularly (if that makes sense). Beats twice, pauses for a beat. Beats twice, pauses for a beat. Beats 4 or 5 times, pauses for a beat. I’m starting to get a bit worried about this.


Been cooler and cloudier all day. It’s just the right temperature outside that when I went to water the garden, I was attacked by so many mosquito’s I had to quit before I got all ate up. Still managed to get about a dozen new bites though. Ugh! Those’ll itch all night!


SWMBO is home safe so that’s it for tonight. Thought about heading out to somewhere for the weekend but decided not to risk the traffic. And gas is over $4 a gallon. Ah well…

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