I Still Hate The Damned Rain!

And that’s about all it’s done today. Yeah, it’s good for the plants and forests and even my antenna’s (apparently), but I still don’t like it. Used to like the rain when I lived in Southern California and Arizona; but have had too much of it up here over the last 20+ years. Now I’d prefer it snowed. Which, since I did grow up “down south,” did detest for most of my life. I’d still prefer 80 degrees plus Wx over all!

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Just not much else going on around here. Making home made beef stew for dinner (with hot corn muffins on the side) and I hope that turns out. (One never knows until the stew is done.) Straightening up around the house. Pretty normal “This is my day” routine.


MCARC 2-meter Chat Net @ 1930 went as well as it could. We Really Need To Buy (and install) a New Repeater/Antenna! I think I’m going to start really pushing the club to do this. This repeater could, once upon a time, be heard, and contacted from, counties away. Now you’re lucky to hear it 10 miles. Nothing says we need a new repeater more than a whole chat net of “Can you  hear me now?”.

Anywho, that’s about it from around here.


BTW, Stew was good but had a bit too much pepper in it. Probably should have used half as much.

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