Crap! Complete Prodrome.

Was reading my e-mail this morning and, suddenly, started a migraine prodrome; which, for me, are visual scintillations. Kind of like looking through a heat-wave that starts in one place and slowly expands until it disappears off the edge of my vision. That’s usually when the headache starts.


But I took a couple of Motrin when I first noticed it and, so far, I haven’t gotten the actual migraine. Which is good. Kind of have that post-migraine “blah” feeling; but if that’s all I get, I’m happier.

And I’ve pretty much felt that way all day. Don’t really feel like doing anything. Even tried to take a couple of micronaps. Didn’t even feel like messing with the Dog. I’d go get dinner somewhere but it’s too much trouble.



So I made Fish Sticks and Fries. Actually felt a bit better after eating. Guess all I needed was something fried.

Well, only 3 of us checked in for the MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Evening Chat Net tonight. Wonder where everyone else was? WHAT could be more important?

Anyway, thinking of buying another Raspberry Pi. SWMBO is home safe (and I didn’t have to pick her up tonight) and doing Genealogy stuff so I think I’m going to go lay down and read.

Ennis, MT 2014

Speaking of reading: In the past 6 weeks I’ve read all the “Tower & Hive” & “Crystal Singer” series, the first 3 “Dragon Rider” books, and “All The Weyer’s of Pern” and “The Skies of Pern.” Aside from all the News and stuff I read every day. Think I might switch to either Clancey or King or Koontz or McCammon for awhile …

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