Rooted My Nexus 7 Today

rio02cCause I just finally got tired of it lagging and not running apps. G+ and Facebook crashed quite often. Tumblr was lagging. Other Apps really lagged. It’s been so bad I’ve been thinking of getting another tablet. It was becoming horrible to use. I mean, I even thought of switching to the Windows 8 tablet I got from SWMBO; that’s how bad it has become. I’d rather make this one work. It’s only 3 years old. Heck, I make a desktop computer last 5 or 6 years before replacing it. My laptop is older than the Nexus 7 and it still (mostly) works. And I’ve already tried the factory reset twice.

French02So I did a lot of research online and want to switch to CyanogenMod. What I wound up with is something from WugFresh Development Nexus Root Kit. I don’t really understand what it is, but it was pretty easy to use. The only real complaint I have about it is rebooting in the middle of a procedure is distracting/confusing. Mostly in getting back to where you left off. Especially if you’re old. Like someone I could mention.

Whatever. My Nexus 7 is running  “modified_boot_nakasi_5.1.1_LMY47V.img” or something near that. Not sure anymore. Whatever it is I now get to reinstall and set up all the Apps I used to have on it. Then we’ll see if it runs any better. If not, I can always download the latest CyanogenMod and try to go that route again. Y’all wish me luck!

Not much else going on. Waiting for SWMBO to get back from the Genealogy Library and take me to dinner somewhere. Gotta go by COSTCO for some cereal too. If I hadn’t spent $285 on the Alpha Antenna I’d buy another 5 TB drive while there.

Crap! It’s way late and I’m about to hit the rack. Quickly: We went out. COSTCO. Home Depot. Safeway. Home.

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