Foggy. Overcast. Cool. Ugh!

But I might as well get used to it. Getting a lot cooler & wetter over the next week. Suxs. Maybe I should use my new Social Security (when it starts) to go somewhere warmer & drier. Hmmm. It’s a thought. NOAA claims we’re going to have a drier than usual winter around here this year. Sure.

Still, Snow Is Better Than Just Rain.

Not much going on. The Usual. Mail Run. Trying to stay off my ass even if that means being busy doing “stuff.” But, “stuff” is really about all I have to do. Sometimes being “retired” is a total pain in the ass. Other times I enjoy the hell out of it.

I Don't Know What Joke She Was Told, But I Like The Way She Laughs!

Finally checked in to the Noon Time Net on 7268.5 USB. Guy I checked in with is in Sammamish, WA so it wasn’t that far to reach. Nice though. I really need to get off my ass and work the radio a lot more. Don’t like sitting a lot though.

Did get off my ass and finish painting the deck. Let it rain!!!

And that’s it. Spent way too much time watching “Apocalypse: World War One.” Really good documentary but about 5 hours long. No, didn’t “binge watch” it. I’d started it yesterday.

Windy and cold out. Feels like it could rain when the temp drops tonight. We’ll see. I get to get up and go help a friend move to Arizona tomorrow. Hate to see him go.

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