Hope Y’all Enjoyed The Internet. That’s Over. Welcome Government Control!

While I applaud all traffic getting the same access (speeds, etc.), I cannot but help dreading the Government getting involved in anything. The Government tends to fuck it up for the rest of us. And y’all know that these new rules will only slow down what lousy access we already have. Just cracks me up that a lowly pheasant in China has faster Internet access than I do. We should be leading the world in Internet speeds.


Made a run to Walmart in Port Orchard, partially to get out of the house, and partially to get a battery operated drill to use around the house. Did. Also got one of those small 4.5 volt drills for when I work on computers. All for $41. Took the back way into Port Orchard so it was a prettier ride than I usually take. Nice getting out of the damned house for awhile!


Not much else going on. Star Trek: TNG Movie Marathon and the usual chores around the house. Went out and just sat in the Caravan for a few. Time to start wondering what the hell I’m going to make for dinner.

Turned out to be a “TV Dinner.” Cause I felt really lazy. Lazier than usual. Really lazier  than usual.


So lazy that I haven’t done anything else all afternoon. Evening. Bedtime. Bye!

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