Didn’t We Have Monday A Week Ago?

I download and watch a LOT of Science programs. Earthquakes through tsunami through ‘The Sky At Night” and, given the apparent age of the PhD’s and other experts called to inform us on so many subjects, I have only one question: Does y’alls mamas know you snuck out of the house? Y’all are so young!


I have the same problem when I go to the Navy Exchange on base. I see these Officers (and Enlisted folks, of course) and I want to ask them if their Mom’s know they’re off playing soldier?

Don’t get me wrong; if you learned enough to get your Doctorate, or you serve in the Military (in any capacity), then you have my respect and admiration. But y’all are so young!

Dry but windy day. Sunny. Dog and I dodged a couple of falling branches that could have caused a knot on my noggin if they’d have hit me. Still, gotta get out and walk a couple of times a day at least.


SWMBO had her older friends over. He sits in my recliner and watches tv while they go into her sewing room and, sew, I guess. So I spent most of the day getting my chores done and watching “The Planets” on one of my monitors. Great graphics! Zachery Quinto is okay at narrating but I do enjoy Brian Cox’s presentations. I literally could watch these programs all day.

I see where President Trump hasn’t conceded but has reportedly told his crew he’d like to run again in 2024. Cool! I was about to get bumper stickers Trump 2024 printed up.

I also saw where the CDC changed the numbers for covid-19 deaths again. Now only just over 9000 folks died of just the covid. But we shouldn’t worry about completely screwing our economy over less people than die monthly from texting and driving. Way to go!

Did y’all see where they’re coming up with covid stamps for your passports and other official papers? Soon you won’t be able to go shopping without showing your papers. Guess I’ll be losing a lot of weight. I’m not getting that vaccine until at least a year after it’s been out and the adverse side effects have been fixed. Then they’ll still have to prove to me there’s no microchip in it.

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