Red Letter Day! Red Letter Day!

Got up to about 70 degrees! Warm enough for me to get out the old sandals. Warm enough to sit out in the sun for awhile. Nice Weather Day! We need lots more of them!

Ellie May Clampett

Took the Drone out for a spin a couple of times. Finally got it to save the video to the thumb drive (all I had to do was reformat it with Fat32) and only crashed it a couple of times. I just gotta learn that, in absolute control, no matter which way it’s pointed, pulling the “stick” toward me pulls the drone toward me. And I gotta learn to look at the video instead of the drone! There’s GOT to be a way to set it so which ever way the camera is pointed that’s forward. And I don’t like the “tilt” method for some reason. I’ll keep trying it though.

OLD San Francisco!

The Nexus controls the Drone really well. It’s really crappy for reading outside on a bright sunny day; but otherwise I haven’t many complaints about it. Hooks into my network (using Skifta) and let’s me check my mail/gmail and, so far, has done everything I’ve asked of it (except letting me read outside on a nice sunny day). I like it and it will probably replace my Kindle for reading before going to sleep. That’s still up in the air though so, we’ll see.

OLD Times Square

Not much else going on this fine Easter Sunday. SWMBO is cooking and the Ham is about done. She’s making mashed Sweet Taters and Green Beans to go with the ham. I don’t care what we have for Easter Dinner as long as I get to spend it home with her!

The Beverly Hillbillies

Oh yeah, turns out turning “absolute control” off on the Drone is what I’m looking for. That way which ever way the camera is facing is forward. Now if I can learn to look at the video instead of the Drone I’ll get a lot better at this! Gotta figure out a way to extend the Wi-Fi on it though. Maybe set up a repeater of some sort…

Anywho, Easter Dinner was excellent. Dishes are all in the dish washer ready to go.

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