This Is A Test. For The Next Sixty Seconds Ain’t A Freakin’ Thing Gonna Happen Except You Get Perturbed. My Job Is Done.

Isn’t it amazing the things one can learn by accident?

See that percentage listed at the bottom of the graphic(s) (the pictures of rain)? I always took that as meaning that there was a 70% chance of rain, or 100% chance of rain, or whatever % of chance for rain/snow/whatever.

Learned today that is not true. Those numbers mean that there is a chance of rain/snow over the percentage of the area of the forecast. So, 70% means that there is 100% possibility of rain over 70% of the forecast area. So, today, there is 100% possibility of rain over 70% of the Belfair (actually Bremerton Airport (KPWT)) area. (IF I’m reading this right. I could be completely wrong.)

Cool! But I did notice that snow disappeared from out forecast.

Yeah. Probably not going to get this posted tonight. Got side tracked by watching earthquake shit on YouTube and talking to SWMBO about our plans for emergencies. First on tap: Blow the Tacoma Narrows bridges to stop the Zombies from “over there” coming into our area looking for food and whatever. Doing that will force them to go through Olympia and Shelton before heading this way. Thins out the herd.

Now: Date Day! Took SWMBO to the teriyaki chicken place we like over by the COSTCO in Gig Harbor. Being that close, we stopped at Home Depot first and COSTCO last. Spent WAY too much at COSTCO but they had a 5-TB External USB Drive for like $80 after discount. Too good to pass up and I almost got two.

Rainy drive home. Feels like it wants to snow; but hasn’t so far. Every time I look at the Wx map they move the snow back or take it out completely.

Wow. Windy out there.

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