My Goodness! Slow Day!

I mean, I’ve had some slow days before. But this one really just seemed to crawl by. Felt like I was part of the Never-ending Non-story…

5th Stree in 1950

Got outside only a couple of times to “fly.” Got kinda windy and had a definite chill to the air. Am learning to control the Drone better and only hit one tree. And I think that was because of a gust of wind.

California Street SF 1950s

Reinstalled Magix Music Maker so I can try to put some sound with the Drone videos. They’re kind of boring; but without sound they’re really boring!

Not much else going on. SWMBO had her girlfriends over for lunch and I watched the 1935 version of “She.” Next I’ll get the Ursula Undress one.


Been playing with Vue 7. Just trying different settings and things. Installed Vue 11, which was a “free” program; however it wasn’t “free.” Each render had an ad in it. I’d have been more willing to spend the bucks for the program if I hadn’t had to put up with commercials. I Hate Commercials!

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