I Said Something To Myself Today That I Would Have NEVER Thought I’d Say

Renter asked me if I would take his trash to the collection point, and, since I’m really not busy, I said Sure. Got in to the truck and had just closed the garage door when I thought “I’d better take my phone.” And then I thought the thought that people my age just have never imagined they’d think when growing up: “Naw. I got 60 minutes on the truck that I’ll probably never use.” Did you get that? I GOT 60 PHONE MINUTES ON MY DAMN TRUCK! On. My. Truck!


Can’t think of any time in my life I would have thought “I got 60 minutes on my truck” in my entire earlier life. “Wireless calling” was pronounced “CQ” and was the exclusive domain of Hams. Hell, I remember rushing home so I could call the answer in to the local radio station’s quiz. And I usually got a “busy signal” doing that. Burned up that rotary dial trying to get through though.


So, yes, I’m old. And I can still be surprised by technology. Which is damned cool!


Pretty much a SSDD Wednesday. Won’t be joining the MCARC 2-meter Chat Net tonight as I’ll be picking SWMBO up at the Ferry Landing and I haven’t mounted my radio or antenna on the new truck yet. But I did (somehow) wind up with 60 phone minutes on the thing!

And that is that for this Wednesday evening. Making plans to go to Portland either Sunday or Monday to meet a Niece I’ve never met. That could be a lot of fun!

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