World Pantyless Day

Did y’all participate? I did. I didn’t wear panties all day. Felt so good I probably will continue not to wear them tomorrow. Maybe for the rest of my life.

AND, yesterday was the first day of summer. Or, the summer equinox. Around here it got upwards of 90 degrees and was really nice out. Today it started out 54 degrees and cloudy. Surprised it cleared up and got kinda warm this afternoon.

Made a run to Lowe’s for lag bolts and nuts. $64 later … Part of that was $12 for a 1.5 ft long 3/8″ drill bit to go all the way through the wood braces I put on the trellis(?) over the garden so I can bolt them. Doing all this cause I got to thinking about putting my solar panels up there and then the wind coming along and blowing everything apart. So I’m going to over-engineer it a bit. Still thinking of setting the solar panels up way back by my neighbors. Would keep them from parking on my property “cause you’re not using it.” Which they’re done. Several times.

And then, was drilling a hole and hit a screw. Dulled the drill bit so much it won’t. So now I gotta check in to how to sharpen a drill bit. Without spending a butt-ton of money for a “drill bit sharpener.” Or spend another $12 for a new one. Which I don’t want to do. But I will.

Ah, well. At least SWMBO took me to Taco Bell for dinner so I didn’t have to cook.

Started tearing out the counter-top in the MILA kitchen. Was trying to do it neatly; but that ain’t gonna work. So tomorrow I’ll probably get down there with the sledge hammer. And ear plugs. And safety glasses. And a beer. (I quit drinking in 1977 or so, but, this “project” could drive me back to it. But, hey, Pot is legal in this State too …)

At least it’s 15 degrees cooler down there.

Completely set up my Field Day outfit to make sure all that works. It does. Now I’m looking at a 15″ monitor (Geoyeao 15.6” 1080P Portable Monitor for Laptop VESA Supported 60Hz IPS Screen USB Type-C/Mini HDMI Connection $140) on Amazon that I’d be able to run off battery (12v @ 2.5a) so, potentially, I could run radio (857d), pi3, and monitor all off the same battery. Being recharged by the portable solar panel I bought. Now I’m wondering if I should take the 45″ tv/monitor I have along with a Pi3 running Kodi and my “extra” movie drive just for entertainment Friday evening.

Been thinking of making one of those “info” centers that uses a monitor in portrait mode and a raspberry pi to display a calendar (editable), time, Wx, and whatever else you wanted to display info about. I already have all the parts. I think I could get it to rotate the views from my security cams too. (Send the feed through VLC media player or whatever.) Maybe a slideshow of all our pictures. Hmmm… Another project!

The two most important things for this week: It could get to 100 degrees Saturday and, if I survive then Sunday I turn sixty-fookin-nine.

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