Danged Busy Day!

But I brought it on myself. Oh, I could have set around with my thumb up my butt and not got anything done, but, I just couldn’t. Too much to do.


Moved the gun case and some other stuff downstairs to get it placed for when I finally refinish them.  Straightened up around the house and got all my regular chores done. But the biggie is: I moved that damned 500 lb soda machine to the back of the pantry and got it mostly where I want it. OMG, that thing is heavy! All I can say is: When the Old Man has the Will there will be a way!


Then I straightened up; the garage so I can park in it again. Put the toolbox back into the back of the truck and straightened up all the tie-down straps I used the past couple of days. Nice parking inside again as my doors had already collected water in the bottoms of them from what rain we’ve had.


Made myself some fake-BBQ Chicken, baked tater, and green beans for dinner. Was good. Started watching the latest “Godzilla” while eating. WHY are we trying to make Godzilla American? All the reboots haven’t worked and it doesn’t look like this one will either.


I had to go and pick SWMBO up tonight. Well, I didn’t have to. But her boy got home early so I decided I’d pick her up. Get to spend extra time with her that way.

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