Thursday. Yep. Thursday.

A day much like any other day around here. May have been even slower than usual. Aside from my usual chores, that is.


Spent a lot of time straightening up all my old e-mail archives, moving things around on my hard drive, and working on all the old pictures I scanned so far. Got the ROKU set up on the big tv. (What a waste of bucks! That ROKU.). Testing my other tv to see how long it will run before shutting itself off.


Making pulled-pork for SWMBO for dinner tonight. Making myself BBQ Pork Chop, mashed taters, & corn for myself. About to start that in a moment. (It was good!)


Well, the too cute for my own good SWMBO and I are back home safe, if not mentally sound. She had me stop at MacDonald’s and get her a medium order of fries to go with her pulled-pork sandwich. We started to make plans for the MILA for after the Renters leave. (In 4 more days if all goes to plan! Thank Goodness!)

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