Actually Got A Bit Done Today

Working in my Radio/Computer room. See the pictures. Not finished; but getting there.


The upright leg is a temp thing to hold the rest up. Figuring the angles is hard. (For me. Not good at “math.”)


Way too short. May build a box with angled shelves to mount my radio to. Or I could mount the radio underneath and have just the faceplate up top.


The angled leg is a test; but I may put a bolt through it and leave it. Legs like that give me Leg room to move around. I want to leave the floor clear. Will probably laminate all the exposed boards just to make them look good.

Not much else going on. That headache I had lasted all night and woke me up several times. Even freezing my head didn’t help this time. Still had it when the alarm went off at 0500. Still when the 2nd alarm went off at 0515. And was gone when I woke up again at 0525. Just like that. Like I never had a migraine.

Did get to make a run into town to the Vape Shop too; so I didn’t spend the entire day inside. That was good. Started getting “Hangry” around 1830 so I quit for the night. Made myself a bacon & mater bagel for dinner. Added a side of tater salad.

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