I Hate Wx Changes Here!

Slept late (0640) and have felt crappy all day. Unmotivated. Have accomplished nearly nothing except my usual chores. Head feels like it wants to hurt. I’ll sure be glad when this LOW passes us on by. Luckily it’s supposed to be clear and warmer tomorrow.

Did get the Caravan moved to the back yard; so now I have room to get a dump truck full of gravel in here. Now I gotta go learn how to measure and order gravel. Hope it’s not too spendy.

Felt so crappy I drove to Taco Bell and bought a taco salad for dinner. Just didn’t feel like making myself anything. I had thought of BLT’s for dinner; too much effort.

SWMBO’s home. Dishwasher is running. I think I’m gonna go lay down and read.


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