No, Haven’t Posted In A Few Days

tits04bAnd the only excuse I have is that it’s Summertime and I get busy doing outside things until late. Mostly.

Take last Sunday. (Please!) Mowed the back yards. Did some whack weeding in the other yards. The gardening. Spent a couple of hours pressure washing the roof. Got to help SWMBO make dinner. Did NOT feel like starting  up the Windows VM and posting.

Rest of this week has been about the same. Except Thursday cause it kind of misty rained most all day. Still taking the Dog for a couple (or more) walks during the day. Everyday.

Am paying our Renter to finish pressure washing the roof. SWMBO kinda sorta doesn’t like me up there. Thinks I’m getting too old. (I am. But no one tell her I said so!) I guess my climbing on the roof days are numbered now.

Did manage to get to the NMARESC meeting at the Library last night. Nice meeting. Inspired me to pull out my SDR dongle thingie and see if I can get it to running. Needs a better antenna though.

New Camera is working fine. Still learning it. You can check out my progress here. Don’t mind the mess.

Been on a “Justified” binge lately too. Like the show. Sometimes reminds me of “home” though.

Anywho, got to pick SWMBO up at the QFC tonight. We home. She’s fed and off doing her thing. Think I’m gonna go read a bit.

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Took me out for Mexican Food at the Mexican Restaurant in Shelton (El Sarape?) where I had trouble choosing between a couple of different dinners but eventually ate myself silly(er) before we made our usual stop at Walmart on the way home. Review’s not-with-standing (whatever that means) we’ve yet to have a bad meal there. Mostly they’re pretty good. You get what you pay for.


Today was our usual run-of-the-mill SSDD Sunday around the house. SWMBO made keilbasa & saurkraut for dinner with a side of brussel’s sprouts. Yummy stuff! Had the Dog out for a couple of walks and ran him around the yard chasing his ball and robpe-bone thingie. Did a bit of gardening and rock moving.

Mostly just sat around cause I’m tired. Didn’t sleep worth shit last night and finally got up at 0430 cause I was tired of laying there. I feel Old. Seem to be getting weaker daily but don’t notice until I get off my fat old ass to do something. I think part of it is NC-002fI’m finally getting clear of nicotine and getting some of the side effects of that.

But no one like to hear an old guy bitch about getting old.

The MCARC 2-meter Sunday Chat Net went well. They mostly heard me this time. Afterwards I talked with the “new” Treasurer about how to log in the bank and stuff. Glad someone else is doing this for a few years.

Anywho, that’s it. I’ve been up since 0430 and I’m really starting to drag around here. Think I’ll drag my old ass to bed. May not even read tonight. (But, who knows?)

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