Time To Reinstall Lock-On. Because.

Everything was going pretty good and as usual this morning. Until about 0730 when my head starting hurting. No idea why except it was raining kinda hard. Damned thing lasted about 3 hours, and a good head freeze, before finally going away. Left me pretty useless for the rest of the day though. Just can’t work up the gumption to actually do anything.


So I did my usual chores and damned little else. Did make a run to the Post Office (wait a minute) and made myself fried chicken, mashed taters, & Peas for dinner. (Damn! Those homegrown peas were good! Warmed just enough to eat.)

Last Wednesday (or so) I sent my Father-In-Law a USB drive in an envelope. The guy at the Post Office said it couldn’t be run through their sorter and charged me extra ($.98) because it would have to be hand stamped. Yesterday I get a call from my Father-In-Law that the envelope had arrived but it was empty. Nice little hole in the rear of it where a USB drive could have probably slipped out. Oh, someone must have run it through the automatic sorter!


So I told the lady at the Post Office this (sob) story. What the answer boils down to is: “You can write this address but it probably won’t do any good. Sorry about that.” Well, Thank You USPS. Not even an offer to replace the USB drive because I didn’t insure it. (Never had to before. Always worked.)

No, I ‘m not really upset that it was lost. I’m upset because the USPS foisted it off on me to search for the thing. The $15 the USB cost (new. Some time ago) isn’t really important. It’s that USPS Customer Support is so crappy that I have to do their job. And they wonder why they’re going broke.


Not much else going on. (See first paragraph.) MCARC Wednesday 2-meter Chat Net later. Will probably go to bed early tonight. (Although I’m starting to wonder if it ain’t that damned bed causing the headaches. I just can’t get quite comfortable on it. I sometimes miss my waterbed.)

Bought Ashampoo’s Burning Studio 14 cause it was $9. Threw in their Aquarium screensaver cause it was only $2 and I like aquariums. Bought the Burning Studio because it also makes .iso files from your stuff.

Our Lovely Wx Today.

Oh, yeah. Lock-On. Haven’t re-installed it since rebuilding my computer and I don’t know why. Like the program and wish they made an updated version. I like flying combat and setting up scenarios and watching the chosen planes/tanks/whatever fight it out. And you never know quite how it’ll turn out.

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