Still Sore This Morning

And woke with a headache on top of all the old man muscular aches from overexerting myself yesterday. Damn This Getting Old Anyway!


But I managed to make my lovely young bride a dehydrated egg, cheese, mater & green pepper omelet for breakfast. Then I made myself one! Was pretty good. I think this Thrive stuff will work out well for some things. Especially for “camping out.”


Other than that it’s pretty much a “normal” Sunday: Chores, laundry, straightening up around the house. SSDD in other words.


And now it’s MUCH later and I’m pretty much beat from still helping my friend pack his stuff to move to Arizona. Back of my truck was stuffed with “Stuff” he couldn’t take with him. Ah well. Gives me a lot of insight into when/if we ever move again. Plan WAY ahead if you can!

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