Another Busy Day Helping

Started out my usual “normal” day even though it was Columbus Day (if you don’t live in Seattle). SWMBO had to work and she’s pretty much okay with that. Neither of us really like Columbus Day as that is the day our Son fell in the pool and drowned 25 years ago. We still miss you, Patrick.

SWMBO & Patrick 1990

Went over to continue to help my friend move. This is the last day though. They leave early in the morning. Got over to their place and they had opened up the doors to let anyone take anything they wanted of what was left. Lot of stuff went bye-bye. Nice of them though. Even though we never really visited much I’ll miss them.

Fantasy Central!

Was really hungry when I got home so I made myself a quick dinner of fish sticks and bakes. Good stuff. Then I unloaded my truck and I’m pretty much buttoned down for the night. Waiting for SWMBO to get home and we’ll go from there.

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