Crap! I Hate Winter! Especially When Wet!

According to, my website is the 17,995,488th most visited website in the World. Woo Woo! Well, Hell, when  you think of the sheer number of sites out there, being the 18th millionth most visited site is pretty good! Even if only 180 million websites are active, I’m still doing pretty good. Go figure.

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Not much else going on around here. Another SSDD. Well, except for getting a notice from KFCU that they charged me $15 for the cancelled Bill Pay bouncing. So I made a trip to KFCU and asked what the hell good it did for me to keep them in the loop about what was going on when they charged me anyway? So the nice man there waived the charge. So my savings went from $–10 back to $5. I was not a happy camper when I walked into the place.


Mostly just doing my regular chores around the house. Started putting things away in my room. Vacuumed half the living room and moved a bunch of stuff around so I can do the rest tomorrow. Torn between hooking up a 12 inch tv, and convertor, or just waiting a few days and buying a digital flat panel with the tuner built in. Will probably do the latter. COSTCO usually has pretty good deals and the days after Christmas should be good for us “cheapo” consumers to find one. We’ll see.

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I don’t know. It must be the “Christmas Season” or the Winter Blahs, but, I’m bored as hell. I mean thinking of starting a new project bored. Where can I get to on a tank of gas bored. Who can I pick an argument with bored. Call my friend in PA bored.

MCARC 10-meter Chat Net was sparse tonight. Only a couple of us checked in. Everyone must be out doing their last minute Christmas shopping. Ah well.

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