Yesterday Was SO Boring…

I can’t even think of anything, other than my usual chores, that I did all day.  I think mostly I sat around and watched Doctor Who when not cleaning something up. Sanded some of the tape & paste I did the other day. Think that was about it.

The Doctor's Daughter

Today was pretty much the same until SWMBO took me to the Mall for Mall-Food and a walk about. We both tried the Italian place this time. Wasn’t bad. Then the walk was interesting; they set up a comic thingie and was selling figurines and stuff. Not a TARDIS in the lot! Lots of hand-drawn “boobly” superhero’s though.

Made our usual Safeway stop on the way home. Some rather dramatic clouds during the sunset. Still cold out there.


Just not much else going on around here for a Saturday night. About the same as any other night at the Ol’ Homestead.

Just checked my Netflix queue. Started out with 84 selections; now I have 158. They just don’t send me enough discs at a time!

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