Still Leading That Fairly Boring Life

In case y’all were wondering. Take yesterday. Please. No, I’m kidding. Yesterday was fairly “normal” until the afternoon when I dropped SWMBO off at Jo Anne’s Fabric shop to let her spend her Birthday present. I went and walked around COSTCO. Bought the three “Back To The Future” movies on Blu-ray and a Christmas present for my father-in-law. Then I bought a new computer desk chair at Staples. Then I waited another hour for her to finish what she was doing. Made our usual stop at Safeway on the way home but got out of there for less than $40. Gotta be a first for us.

Pretty much SSDD today also. Did get to take the Dog for a tour of the back 40 but it was damned cold out there. Our “snow” yesterday left all of 1/8th of an inch in places where the sun doesn’t hit (we weren’t in the areas that got an inch or more) but otherwise everything is just sort of frozen out there. Not going to get any better over the next couple of days either. I already miss summer!

Watched some Doctor Who and “played” with MSFSX for awhile. Just kinda sorta waiting around for the MCARC 2-meter Sunday Chat Net to start. I got to admit that I’m kinda getting tired of being Net Control for the Sunday Net. Can’t find anyone that will take over the duties though. And then I think of KC7WNJ, who’s been running his Wednesday net for 10 years or so. Ah well.

Not much else going on around here. Downloading the latest versions of Linux Mint Mate & Cinnamon to play with. Converting the “Back To The Future” movies to .mp4 files for our movie drive. Watching the laptop bug me about rebooting after doing it’s update.


Wow! 16 check-ins for the Net tonight. A new personal record! Cool!

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