Wonderful Wx Day! 80+ & Sunny!

Already been out for several walks around the property and will probably go for some more. Been doing what I can to stay outside all day. Damn, it’s nice out there! Ate way too many blackberry’s!

SWMBO made dinner tonight and it was good. Sauerbraten & veggies and a couple of our homegrown maters. Yummy.

Not much else going on. Got the dishes going and finishing up the laundry. Too nice to stay inside. I’ll be back.

Thinking of getting a used Cone box (metal shipping container) for either storage or to put together a wood shop somewhere outside the house. All I need is the basic box put where I want it (out back) and I can do the rest. I’m thinking a 40’ container would do just right. Hell, I could even put a platform on the top of it for my telescope (on those RARE clean nights it’s also warm enough to take it out and look at the stars).

That would also let me clear the basement and get started on making that a “shared” space for us and the In-Laws when they move out here (and into the MILA). Or we could make the MILA larger. Whatever we decide to do.

I also have some things I want to do in “my” room; which includes probably making it a bit smaller by extending the kitchen. I’m thinking of making a smaller desk and installing more storage. I really don’t need all the counter top I have for my radio. Maybe I ought to combine my computer/radio stuff into one area? Hmmm.

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