Damn Fine Day! 75+ degrees. Cool!

Day started with a headache; but not a serious one. I think II ‘m getting them because I firmed up my side of the bed to more closely match SWMBO’s side. Couple of Aspirin took care of it (the headache) but I might want to re-adjust my bed closer to the way it was.


Other than that: Damn Fine Day. Which I spent outside as much as possible as naked as possible. Did LOTS of mowing. Finally figured out how to make the “new” rider-mower work: Keep the cutter as high as possible and don’t slow down for anything! Then I reconfigured the animals fence. Made their poop yard smaller cause I don’t think they really need a large yard to poop in. So I took some of it back.


Got to lay out and it was nice. The occasional breeze felt really good. Cooling. I was sweating my balls off! (Get that picture out of your mind!)


Dang! Really starting to cool off out there. Breezy. Supposed to rain tonight. That’s okay though. I don’t mind rain at night.

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