I’m Back! Miss Me? Naw!

Nope. Didn’t post yesterday. It was so late when I realized that I hadn’t posted that I decided not to post. Wasn’t that nice of me?!

Not that we did much anyway. Nothing stands out but the MCARC 10-meter Chat Net @ 1930. That went okay. Had about 8 check-ins. Other than that the day was pretty “normal.”

About the same today except I made a trip to the Post Office to return Netflix. Then SWMBO and I went to the “Faith in Action” store in town to look around. I wound up buying a 16” flat screen monitor for $15.00.

So I’ve been working on that computer W7FBI gave me a couple of months ago. Used the restore discs (Windows Vista) and that seemed to work but got a BSD. So I installed Linux Mint (Kde) and that seemed to work okay except it locked up. Time for a hard reboot.

So I swapped out the hard drive, reinstalled Linux Mint, and am waiting for it to do something. Or not do something. After an hour it seems to be working just fine. If it works I’m going to use it for my radio computer and move the laptop (and printers) to the “big” room (where the modem/router and NAS’ are).

Waiting on the MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Evening Chat Net… Went well. Not too many check-ins but a couple of new guys. Cool! Hopefully they’ll become regular participants.

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