Way Too Early Morning Musings

I have my personal site through 1and1 hosting (this one & TANSTAFFL) but I also use WordPress (the Site) and Blogger (mostly as backups “Just In Case”) and Tumblr. I like using WordPress (the program) because I really can make it look & Do what I want. And I can pretty much say what I want without fear that TPTB will cut me off (since I AM TPTB!). It can be a lot of work though just setting up the Security shit and getting it all to work right. Not to mention the dozen other plugins I use. Having my own site also allows me to play with new programs (php) too.


But, it does duplicate what I do (which is post a very boring blog mostly). I use Windows Live Writer and have to remember to cross post; which isn’t hard or too time consuming. My site costs me about $24 every 6 months (which ain’t bad) but, still, the other’s are “free.” But then TPTB have complete control over whether I’m seen or not. And PC has run so rampant that you really aren’t allowed to post your mind anymore.

I also have a Facebook (for family) and Google+ (for ???) account; but have never considered those a “blog” like WordPress/Blogger. I suppose they could be used that way. Except that FB are notorious Control Freaks and you can get banned for making bad comments about the Weather (being Weatherphobic, you know) much less anything important. Not sure what’ll get you banned from G+. Or if either of those will cross post to WordPress, Blogger, or Tumblr.


So, I guess what it boils down to is: Should I keep paying for my site where I publish an extremely boring blog (11k visitors in 5 years) and can say what I want without fear that I’ll cut me off and can make it look/do what I want? Or should I drop that (sometimes hassle) and go with the “free” services (which are mostly okay)? And if I do that, which one? I mean, it’s not like anyone really reads my blog(s) anyway. Does it matter which service you post a mostly unread blog to?

And, why do I post to a blog anyway? I’m a fat 62 year old highly opinionated Libertarian Redneck Nudist retired Navy guy that “putters” around the house most days, occasionally plays on the radio, and leads such an extraordinarily boring life that I get morose when I stop to think about it. Which I try not to do.

The Sweet November Rains

Shit. Sounds like the mid-Winter Blahs have finally landed squarely on my Soul. Might be time to start a new project around the house.

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