Jack Ryan-Shadow Recruit (2014)

Personally, I’d like to see them take an Actor, like Chris Pine, and do the whole Jack Ryan story, in order, and by the book as close as possible. That would allow the actor to grow older along with the character, bring some linearity to the story, and maybe give us Clancy fans a sense of continuity. “Red Star Rising” would make a good movie also. Especially if they made it in the original Klingon!


Not much going on. It’s really early but I’m already starting to get ready to hit the road for my appointment in Olympia. CPAP follow-up. CPAP machine is already packed and ready to go and I’m about to step into the shower. (I’m too old to jump into the shower; would probably slip and break my fool neck!)


I’m back. The CPAP Guy switched me over to a full mask. Had a lot of places on the graphs he was looking at where I had leakage (too much leakage) and spent a lot of time awake adjusting the nose pillows. So I’m on the face mask now. Ought to help.


One thing on the graphs was I’ve gone from stopping breathing 8 times a night to once in the past week. And that was last night (which was a bad night for sleeping). That’s cool! I like breathing. (But I’m dead dog beat today. I mean, I am beat!)

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