Let Me Start Off By Saying..

Just not much going on around here even if it is only 0930. Usual routine: Get Coffee, Watch News, Talk To News Talking-Heads for some of the shit they cover, Watch Weather, Take Shower, Eat Breakfast, then get my day started.

USS Dixie (AD-14) 1972

Taking a break from moving cabinets, etc, to see what SWMBO and the cabinet guys will come up with Saturday afternoon. Just can’t see doing a lot of work if they may come along and change. What’s been done will remain done unless someone else undoes it. Know what I mean?

Wash My Truck! Please!

Made a run to the bank & Safeway. Stopped by Blockbuster and found out they are closing. Last day to rent movies is tomorrow then they’ll be closed until Thursday when they’ll open up for a sale of Biblical Proportions. Sorry to see them close; they don’t always have the movie I’m in the mood for but they are convenient and close. And I don’t have to plan months in advance what I want to watch like with Netflix. Ah well. I guess this falls under someone’s definition of progress.


Dang! Forgot to post this last night…

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