Still Snowing. Sorta.

Well, it was. Snowed off and on since Friday evening with more fairly heavy Saturday. Small flakes but thickly falling.

We’ve been pretty much stuck at home. Got 11 inches in the middle of the driveway and up to 14 inches around where snow drifts. You know: near the house or trees. I probably could have gotten my 4wd truck out and about; but why? To check mail? Or chance one of these WaRshington Drivers not to take me and SWMBO out from their stupid driving? I don’t think so.

Took a walk, well, slog really, up the driveway and back. That was enough for me. Most places I sank in up to mid-shin but a couple of places it went knee-deep. Old guy. Balance challenged. Footing felt pretty solid until I shifted getting ready for the next step. (Kind of like dealing with females…) Did tire me out though so I didn’t want to do my usual walk today. Maybe tomorrow depending on how much snow the coming rain melts.

500s Shrike in          X-Plane

Dog tried to go with me but he tried jumping from my foot print to foot print and it didn’t work very well.  Every time he tried bounding around he got buried in snow. Seemed not to enjoy it as much this year.

Ah well.

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