Welp, Back To Normal

Just a light sprinkling so far. That won’t last. Gonna be a bit of flooding going on!

Put the truck in 4 wheel high and drove to the mail box and back to test the road. Still really mushy out there. No mail. (Wasn’t expecting any today (it being a holiday and all) but maybe some from last Saturday.) Still, SWMBO’s little KIA might be able to make it to the road (which was plowed) if she gets a wild hair and decides to go to the Genealogy Library.

Still 6″ of snow to slog through but I managed to get trash burned.  Dog and I did half our walk and he went bug-fookin’ crazy running around and bouncing through the snow. He crapped 3 times! (Like he’d been saving it up or something!)  Still haven’t made a tour of the back 40 though. May try that a bit later.

Remember. YOU          are my number 1 guy.

Have the 1989 series of Batman movies playing in the background. I haven’t watched these movies in probably 15 years! (Sorrry. I dislike Clooney so much now that I couldn’t watch the last one.)

Tried to make a tour of the back 40 but kept stepping into knee-deep drifts. Maybe tomorrow. It’s all melting pretty fast now.

With any kind of luck, or justice, Cuomo will be sentenced to an old folks home; since we aren’t allowed to drag him into the street and run him over with that bus that takes the old folks to the casino every Thursday.

Hope you folks in Texas survive the cold and loss of power.

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