First Use Of The “S” Word By The Wx Weenies This Fall

And it’s not even officially Winter yet.

It probably won’t happen; since it hardly ever does the first time they mention it. But, SWMBO likes snow (there! I said it). Not enough to get out in it for long (being from Oregon, Ohio and all); but she does like it. I think snow is better than rain, personally. I figure if you’re going to be cold & wet it might as well be pretty.

Not a lot going on around the ol’ homestead.

No. Seriously.

Oh, I got out in the future woodshop and started straightening up and getting things hung on the walls and put away so SWMBO could walk from the door to the other door without tripping over anything.

But that’s about it.

Warehouse 13 Marathon.

I see where 30 GOP’ers voted in favor of a National Vaccination Database. Let’s see: we already have “show me your vax papers” and non-vaxxed being kept in separate areas and essentially locked away until they comply, and now a database identifying who has/hasn’t been vaccinated. The little bar-code tats on your wrist should come next. Maybe a bright yellow syringe icon sewed to the unvaxed clothes. (Maybe a capital “V” within that no circle?)

Lot of work for a disease with a 99.994% survival rate up to age 70. And the Omicron should be a non-issue medically. I’ve literally seen people with worse hangovers.

It’s coming, folks. More draconian lockdowns for the Omicron. More government control over what you eat. (See some of the latest FDA’s rulings on “substances.” Like Ginger much? Better learn to grow your own.) Higher prices for everything and long “waits” for most everything else. Learn to treat your own hangnails and colds. Buy my “Home Surgery” Kit only $29.95!

Every thing you wanted to know about suturing but were afraid to ask.

I think I will invest in those grow lights and get the basement set up for hydroponics. Figure out a way to use the grow lights without tapping into the grid. Those 4 older solar panels still work fine …

Bill Gates is predicting a Smallpox outbreak happening soon. Guess he hasn’t killed enough people with his immunizations yet. Got my smallpox vax when I was a kid and haven’t had smallpox yet; but how much y’all want to bet I’ll HAVE to get a booster so everyone around me will feel “safe?”

Maybe I should go to Mexico and come back over the border illegally? But, of course, being WHITE and a CONSERVATIVE, Paying for a house, eating regular, and mostly following all the (known) laws, I May Already Be Illegal. Haven’t read the News yet.

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