Big Storm Moving In Tonight

Or, today, actually. Supposed to be a big one lasting for a couple of days. It’s not quite Noon and it’s already raining pretty good and the wind is starting to kick up a bit. Oh, Joy! Re-loosened the long wire dipole and my 144/70cm antenna is still guyed from the last wind we had, so I think I’m ready. Everything that can charge is charging just in case the power goes out. Generators are up and able to run.


Now to hunker down. I don’t know if it’ll be that bad. But it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Copied a bunch of our movies to a thumb drive and can use the laptop to watch a movie if the power goes out and I get bored reading. Always have the Dog to kick around too. He don’t care if the power is out.

Not much has been going on around here these past couple of days. Veteran’s Day was like any other but without mail. MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Evening Chat Net went well; lot’s of Veteran’s in the club.


Tuesday night at the Extra Class class we finally moved into an area that I could (correctly!) answer some of the questions from a chapter we’re supposed to read this week. Cool!

Also put a small space heater out in the Caravan turned up just enough to keep the interior from freezing; if it comes to that. May cost us a couple of bucks a month to run but that’s better than having to repair/replace frozen water pipes. (Which were drained but I ain’t taking any chances. This is my first time winterizing a Caravan.)


Anyway, gonna post this early “just in case” the power does go out. It’s only gone out a couple of times these past 6-7 years; but it has during storms like we’re supposed to be getting tonight. During the big ice storm of 96 we went without power for 6 days (luckily we had a wood burner. Which we don’t have here.) Hopefully it won’t be that bad but the generators could help if it does.

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