Self Talk Should Not Include Self Delusion

Sometimes, when I read “headlines.”

That’s One OLD Lizard: Aided by stem cells, a lizard regenerates a perfect tail for first time in more than 250 million years

Y’all have never worked an Old Folks Home before, have you?: Scientists Just Observed Warm Matter Emanating From a Black Hole

Say, What?: There Has Been No Mandatory Vaccination Executive Order

And looking up Grandma’s dress is still a bad thing: IRS Raises Snooping Threshold: It’s Still Snooping

Tuesday and I’m still in this crappy State. Meaning WaRshington and not a Mental condition. Although WaRshington is a mental condition. Who an I kidding? WaRshington State is fucking nuts!

Bummed that I woke up at 0615 and it was still dark. I hate winter. (And it’s not even really (officially) Winter yet!) If I won the lotto I’d probably spend the rest of my days following Summer around the world. Not sure if SWMBO would join in cause she likes the Seasons. Hey, I like the Seasons too! But I really just like those seasons that start with “Summer.” And, yes, I’d rather be too warm than too cold any day any time anywhere.

You ever go to put on flip-flops and have that one that just sort of spins around and around and you keep trying to get your toes in it but it keeps spinning around and they (your toes) just won’t fit and you finally reach down and hold it steady and finally get your toes in it? Yeah, that’s my life sometimes.

And, in the No News Is Good News Department:

(See what I did there?)

It’s NOT my Navy anymore: Rachel Levine sworn in as first openly transgender four-star admiral

Decided to get out and over-engineer the mounts on the solar panels before adding a new one. Still worried about the wind we get sometimes ripping the things off and sending them for a flight into the forest. Which wouldn’t exactly break us or stop the electricity or anything; but would still be disruptive.

In the Good News department: They’ve lowered SWMBO’s O2 to 80% @ 60 liters/min. Which is really good. She could be home in a couple of weeks if she continues to progress like this. Woo Woo!

Hey, ain’t it about time to turn the clocks back? What a useless ritual that has turned out to be.

“Only a white man would believe you could cut a foot off the top of a blanket, sew it to the bottom, and have a longer blanket.” -Unknown

Ah, well.

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