Terminator Marathon

Going on in the background. Just because. Sometimes I feel like “Destroy the freakin’ world! Couldn’t Care Less.” Next will be all the Califormia slides off into the ocean (or near enough) movies I have. (2012. San Andreas. Others.) But, today, it’s The Terminator.
Of course, as much as I’d like to (sometimes) I don’t just sit and watch movies all day. Busy in the garage turning it into a wood shop. Moved all the cinder blocks we use as steps to get into the house from the garage and putting down sheets of wood stuff.
Got two more solar panels and am getting things ready to mount them. Need to make some new connector cables before I can hook them into my solar system. Easy.
Straightening up my office/Radio Shack and it’s starting to look pretty organized. THAT’s a sign of a sick mind! SWMBO will look at me like I’ve grown another head when she gets home and sees it.
Speaking of whom: She called to say that her ABG today was 157. Woo Woo! If she keeps that up she’ll be home in a couple of weeks. She also mentioned that the Case Manager stopped by and talked and is going to check on home oxygen systems. Cool!

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