Dang! Another NICE Wx Day!

Which I got out and enjoyed a bit more than yesterday. Mostly by taking more walks through our “back 40.” Really, really, nice out there! Got too many mosquito bites on my back though…

But, I did spend a couple of hours cutting up that 25 pound Chuck SWMBO bought last Saturday and grinding it into hamburger. Then I had to sucker-bag it and get it into the freezer before the heat got to it. Went pretty well though. At least I didn’t cut off my fingers or anything.


Tomorrow I get to turn the pork roll thingie into chops. Takes almost as long to trim out a good pork chop as it does to cook them!

Not much else going on around here. Just got back from my final walk for the day. Unless SWMBO wants to get out one last time…

Fay Wray

Speaking of SWMBO; she dropped a bomb on me at dinner (spaghetti & meat sauce). She says “How about we go to the Hollie family reunion this year?” Okay? Cool! So I’m going to figure out an plan for a trip to Hollandale, Miss this late September for the reunion the first weekend of October. Let’s see: Las Vegas, Grand Canyon for a day, see Meteor Crater on the way to settle down for the night. Get up, make it to Uncle Herman’s in Texas. Rest for a night then follow him to the reunion. Spend at least 2 days there then off to Memphis to visit my Uncle Loren for a day or so. Than highway 70 back to…


We’ll see. Either way it’s going to be 2500 miles both ways!

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