When Dad Sat Us In A Kitchen Chair. Wrapped A Towel Around Our Shoulders. We KNEW It Was: Haircut Day!

And no amount of begging or pleading or promises to “be better” or “never doing that again” (whatever that was) ever worked. (Although a good bribe could get you a 24 hour reprieve. But ONLY 24 hours.)

And there was only one “style” of haircut you got: Buzz Cut. Dad might have called it a “flat top” to make you feel better; but it was out and out a buzz cut. Sometimes he took part of your ear. Just because.

This happened through the late 50’s until 1968; when I was 16 or so. Like clockwork: at the beginning of summer and half-way through the school year at the minimum. Still have no idea why he stopped when I turned 16. Maybe he felt the futility of keeping “that Hippie shit” out of the house. Maybe he was paying more attention to the mini-skirts than the way we looked. I don’t know.

I mention this because, at 71+ years of age, I’m about to step into the bathroom and give myself a “buzz cut” again. Been doing it myself since haircuts hit $25 just to sit in a “stylists” chair. Stylists ain’t barbers.

SWMBO says I do a ‘fair’ job of it with only a few rough edges; but I really don’t care. I wear a hat all the time anyway and who is ever impressed with a fat old guy (as if I was trying to impress anyone). Told her she’s welcome to “fix it up;” but she just shudders and goes back to her room.

Ah, well.

Not a lot going on around here. Finally turned cold and now getting dark by 1830 so I’m doing “inside” stuff more than not.

Been buying a couple of pork loins ($1.78/lb) a week for the past few weeks. Trimming then instant potting them and running them through the freeze dryer. Should have a couple of years worth of pulled pork stored downstairs pretty soon. Burger next. Already did chicken when it was on sale so much.

Set my grow towers up down in the FILA but they aren’t doing all that well. Honestly, I’m not paying as much attention to them as I should be. I have to remember to go down there and water what I’ve planted. I swear, if I had the room upstairs where they wouldn’t be in the way Id move them up here. I need to get into the routine. Keeping the FILA at 75 degrees cost $78 last month. Now add grow lights …

Just spent $500 for two 100ah lifepo 4 batteries to replace the lead acid batteries I run my radio’s with. Figure if I’m going to do this solar to run my shack then I need to get off my ass and do it. Backup battery for my cpap next…

This small form factor (sff) desktop computer I have may have an i7 cpu and 16 gig of ram; but it ain’t for shit to expand/upgrade it. So I bought a 4 in 1 multi-function blu-ray burner (external) and that just got in. This sff uses a laptop dvd which I haven’t found to be easily upgraded, so I’m going powered external.

If I didn’t use the memory, cpu, and Nvidia video card (SO much faster) for ripping and transcoding I’d just switch to a really small (something like an AcePC) computer and mount it under the desk out of the way. With that USB 7-drive bay and the external Blu-ray burner everything except transcoding would be covered.

Climbed into the attic over the garage and replaced the furnace filter. Then pulled the 12 ft ladder inside and climbed up and replaced the inside filter in the hall. I really should do it more than once a year! They were pretty dirty. I know! I should make myself a reminder in my google calendar to do that 3 or 4 times a year instead of when I remember to do it! That’ll work!

Made a weird chicken alfrado over spaghetti squash & lima beans dinner for SWMBO this evening. She says I may do that again sometime.

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