Windows Still Sucks.

Of course, we won’t see any real snow here at our house. Last night sure had the downpours though! My goodness it was coming down! SWMBO’s cat got out, made a tour of the outside of the house, and came back in soaked.
New Windows 10 SFF computer and Video Card came in today. The video card is WAY too big to fit inside the computer so it’ll have to go back. Setting up the Windows 10 computer was fairly straight forward.
Real problems began when I bought MSFS 2024 and tried to install it. Kept giving me this “you need WebView2 ” error but wouldn’t let me download and install it. Finally had to track the (several) programs down and install them manually. Plus rebooting just for thinking of installing anything.
But, got it to work and am now downloading 157 GIG of Flight Simulator 2024. That’s going to take awhile. Maybe I ought to reboot the Starlink.
Ran the basic FS and got the ol’ “your computer ain’t good enough” error but think it’s the video. Looking for a new video card that’ll fit as we speak. Also going to try plugging in the VR (Meta Quest 2) and if I can run it fine in that without a new video card that’s probably what I’ll do. I mean I am doing all this to use the VR headset and fly.
Also, X-Plane 12 should be here anytime and that’ll get installed on this new computer also. Might as well keep all my flight sims in one place! Gonna have to put in a bigger drive though if I start to collect planes and scenery.
On a personal note: went down and up the basement stairs twice today. Used my “healing” leg and it didn’t hurt or feel weak at all. Probably ought to do that a couple times a day.
SWMBO’s off getting “prettyfied” (even though I constantly tell her that on her WORST day she’s still the prettiest girl in this house) so I’m cooking dinner. Spaghetti with meat sauce.

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