Memorial Day Weekend 2018

Saturday SWMBO took me to Teriyaki Chicken over in Gig Harbor so we could stop by Home Depot and get some more paint to finish off the back fence. Sure was nice being out with her! I like our Saturday Date.

2018-05-24 15-Little Opossum on our property.

Sunday was pretty much a regular Sunday around here except it was really nice and hot and sunny.  The Renter threw a fix-all-these-damned-cars party/cook-out that lasted from just after noon to late. I was so tired though that I fell asleep even though they were still making noise out there after 2300 (quiet time on weekends).

Needless to say she called me before hand and warned me that there were going to be other people there. Which means me and the Dog didn’t get to take off all our clothes and go for walks. Bummer!


Today I took the Dog for our usual 0.9 mile walk at 0830 then took my Schweetie out for breakfast at the local restaurant. We hadn’t been back there since that time a couple of years ago we got such bad service. Turned out good. I got the Belfair Omelette and had to bring half of it home to eat later! The waitress was LOUD!

The Renter continued with her fix-all-these-damned-cars marathon.  Lots of yelling, cursing, yelling curses, and even some target practice with a pistol. Guess that’s the kind of mechanic party to have.

SWMBO has been sequestered in her room on a NCIS LA marathon. Hasn’t even been sewing! She so seldom gets a weekday off it ain’t a crime for her to chill when she does. Don’t know what we’re going to do after she retires though. I’m so used to doing everything around the house …


And that’s about it from Western WaRshington. Waiting for the NMARES 2-meter Net @ 1930 but mostly just feeling tired and may lay down early tonight. We’ll see.

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