It Ain’t Breezy. It’s Danged Windy!

My new antenna is really bouncing up and down out there. Wet out too. But, this is WaRshington so what do you expect?


Just not much going on around here. If anything I was a bit lazier today than usual. Got my regular chores done but not much else. Oh, swept and swabbed the dining room and kitchen. Made some chili for dinner. Finished off some laundry. Made a mail run to the Post Office in town.

Been listening to the radio but haven’t heard much on the local repeaters. Lots of traffic stuff towards 1600. Seems WaRshingtonians still haven’t learned to drive in the rain. Go figure! And wait until it snows!


Wow. Someone going Eastbound on I-90 hit a bear. That would suck!

Almost called an ambulance or just drove in to the hospital earlier. My lips were “tingling” and had a “heavy” feeling in my chest. Wasn’t short of breath, dizzy,  diaphoretic, or anything like that; just what I mentioned. Just getting old, I guess. Still, wouldn’t mind celebrating my 150th birthday, in person, someday. And I don’t really care what physical condition I’m in to get there as long as I can wipe my own ass when I need to!


MCARC 10-meter Tuesday Chat Net coming up. AE7GC (Bill) called me and asked me to take it tonight as he has to go to the hospital to visit his better half. No prob! I may have to go pick SWMBO up but should be back in time. If not I’m sure some one will pick it up. (W7FBI – Lee did.)

And I did pick SWMBO up this evening.  Nice riding with her at anytime. Even in the rain. In the dark. (Especially in the dark.)

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