In Some Ways: Crap! It’s Only Tuesday

I keep going out and “looking” at the travel trailer. Kind of like I want to go somewhere or something. I am thinking of making a trip to Mississippi to the Family Reunion this coming June/July; but that’s only in the possible planning stages right now. Still, we got this new caravan a whole 4 days ago and haven’t been anywhere in it!


Not much else going on around here other than the usual. Did make a dump run so we have two empty garbage cans again. Cleaned all the old stuff out of the fridge. All the usual chores done.

Got on a “Restoration Man” marathon. Love seeing how folks (in England) take on restoration of a really old place and improve them. Not so hot on the “drama” involved; which mostly seems contrived sometimes. But I guess they gotta pull us back to the program somehow.


Needing a bit more to do, I kinda sorta volunteered to help collect audio/visual history’s of surviving USS Turner Joy sailors. I think it’ll be fun. So, until the higher up muckity-mucks get over demanding with cries for More, More, MORE, I think I’ll do the best I can for them. Gotta make sure all my stuff works!

Made myself naked Tilapia (fried in butter/lemon juice, salt, pepper), O’Brien potato’s, and broccoli/cauliflower mix for dinner. Yummy! I really do need to eat out of the freezer more often. Just because I cook for 1 doesn’t mean I can’t use the stuff we have in there.


And that’s pretty much it. Think I’ll finish off this episode of “History Channel-Lost Evidence-The Pacific Hell on Earth” and go to bed.

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