Ok. We Be Home Safe And Sound

al1Well, Safe anyway. Woke up a bit late this morning and started getting ready to come on home. Man, we can make a mess! But, got every-thing done, packed away, and even got the sewage drained. Took off from Hoquiam about 0930.

Got home before Noon. Unpacked. Dishes started. Laundry started. So SWMBO wisked me off to Costco. Spent way too much on things we need. Usual stop at Safeway and, we’re back.

Will probably go to bed after the Belfair Monday 2-meter Net. Tired. I only drove 200+ miles today

Net went okay.

Oh, coming home, when we turned up Sandhill, A big bald eagle took off from the side of the road and flew across the road in front of us. I might have captured it on my dashcam. Cool!

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