Thursday? Again? Didn’t We Have One Last Week?

My Lovely-Young-Bride and I went for a day trip to Leavenworth, WA yesterday. Was fun being out with her and she did a real good job of walking around. Going over Snoqualmie Pass we ran through some rain, snow, rain, snow, and rain. Not enough snow to stick to the road but enough to see. Cleared up rather nicely before we got to town.

On The Main Drag

Walked all around Leavenworth and spent too much on “stuff.” I bought two 5-liter boxes of Apple Cider (it’s good, but not as “tangy” as the last box I bought) and SWMBO made inroads in the Quilt Shop inventory. (Five liters sounds like a lot. It’s only 1.3 gal. So, yes, I paid $20/gal for squished apples.)

We left at 0800 and got back at 1800 and did 376 miles but used a whole tank of gas. Was so empty the “YOU’RE GONNA RUN OUT OF FREAKIN’ GAS!” warning kept flashing. This truck does not get as good gas mileage as my last (6-cyl) Silverado did. (Nor does it ride as well. But it pulls our 23 ft RV lots better!)

Did this crappy video the other day and posted to my YouTube channel. Thought I’d try to show that ACEPC I bought doing some “games.” Anyone can tell I’m not a professional act-tor or anything. Would have used OBS but I didn’t want to use more memory and make what I was trying to show work worse.

NMARES monthly meeting On-Air tonight. Went ok but now I may be participating in Winter Field Day this next January. SOTA & POTA. Last meeting for the year.

Trying to update my photo’s on my other site. Man, my Internet is slow! So I’m thinking I should try to run my own server on one of the pi’s and (somehow) Google sites thingie. There’s a YouTube video on it somewhere…

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Just A Ray Of Sunshine Is All I Need

Emptying a can of Beef Veggie Soup into the pot I’m warming it in, I reflected, while spooning out the last dregs of soup in the can, that my Great-Grandma would have severely chastised me for scraping the inside of the can in my efforts to get every drop I paid for. “You wanna get lead poisoning and die?!” would have come easily from her lips.

To which I had better have a respectful “No, Ma’am.” or Grandpa would have kicked my butt. (But we don’t have to worry about that particular threat nowadays. Thank goodness.)

Our Driveway. We're saving up for color next year!

Yesterday was Date Day with the lovely SWMBO. Got her up kinda early and we went for a day trip. Drove through Bremerton (on 3 North) by Poulsbo to Port Gamble (Where we’d never been before and SWMBO found a nice little quilt shop), back to Highway 104 with a side trip to Port Ludlow and the back way to Port Townsend (seems to be a pattern here), back through Discovery Bay to Sequim (the ‘e’ is silent), to Port Angeles, Highway 101 back to just north of Shelton and the back way to Home in Belfair. Nice Day! Great Company!

Got to let Wiz (the Dog) run free on the beach in Port Townsend and down by Shelton. He chased some birds into the water and didn’t want to come out. He’s a water dog. Which is okay but we didn’t know. You could see he didn’t like the taste of sea water but that didn’t keep him out of it.


I had a great time being out with SWMBO. She’s a pretty good Navigator too.

Not a lot going on today. Reading how some folks wish bad on President Trump and Wife for getting the COVID. Those people should be dragged into the street and shot. Even I wouldn’t wish disease on my worst enemy. (Which I’m not sure I have any; but still …).

Scanning my Uncle’s pictures and ripping CD’s. Up to the “K’s” now.

Dang! Forgot to post this last night!


SWMBO had her friends over to watch conference and quilt. I made home made vanilla ice cream for all of us after lunch. They seemed to like it.

So, today was kind of a lazy day.  About all I did was pull down some dead tree’s along the driveway and feed them to the trash fire. Rendered the last of the tomato crop into tomato sauce. No spices except for a bit of salt and pepper so we can use it how we please later. Burned trash.

Took the easy way out for my dinner: Got 2 cups of water boiling and added fresh peas. Broke up a hamburger patty and browned it. Drained and mixed that in the hot water with a package of “instant” mashed potato’s. Seasoned to taste and that was my dinner. SWMBO is on her own tonight. (I also cooked breakfast this morning.)

Anywho, Wx has turned and now it’s at least sweater time. Sux.

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