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So, Are Freeze Dried Grapes Just Weird Raisins? Asking For A Friend …

Thought I’d rested my back enough to get out today and take down a couple of small trees (with the tractor mostly) and dig a trench (again with the tractor mostly) in the back 40 for winter drainage (we like to be able to walk the path even after it’s rained a lot). So I did. Both.

I should have reconsidered my plans for the day. ‘Nuff said. Where’s the Advil?

Date Day last Friday and I took SWMBO to Red Robin where we paid $13 for her Mushroom burger, and $13 for my regular cheeseburger. $5 for her foo-foo tea and $4 for my Dr. Pepper. And don’t forget the tip! She’s worth it, for sure, but sometimes … Turns out the breakfast I make for us at home is a $28 breakfast at FPH.

(denotes the passage of time…)

You know, I started this about a week ago, got busy, and totally forgot about it and posting. Sorry about that. Having too much fun during the day on the new tractor while the good Wx lasts and not getting enough sleep at night because of the back ache and Left knee pain when I lay down. But that’s my problem and not yours. Hopefully. One would think I wouldn’t have much to do on only 3.2 acres. Seems though, since I turned 70, every job takes almost twice as long to do and I need more mechanical help. Maybe I should consider downsizing … (Can’t stand neighbors too close though!)

Got an interesting e-mail:

Hi,  spam=@=stanking.org
We are here to inform you that today's the last date to renew your subscription!
Don't worry! we care for our existing valued customers, we have once again restored the services for you.
Your network protection and PC shield security services has been successfully renewed and upgraded as per your request.
*Geek Squad* has processed the annual fee charge of $ 419.85 which will be debited directly from your bank account within 24 hours.
This   transaction is being completed using the updated payment methöd on file, the charge will appear on your accôunt statement within few höurs.
If   you don't want to get charged again for our computer services kindly   unsubscribe, cancel or void the charges and stop the autò debit   recurring payments.
Service Renewal & Cancellation Team ##  +1 888 278 7566  (Dial Tollfree)
Thanks .!! Ricardo Paul Geek Squad Team
That’s the way it was formatted. Where do these idiots learn their written english? Does anyone still fall for these scams? But it is making me want to set up a raspberry Pi to autodial their number about a zillion times a day.
Anywho, thought I’d post that I’m still alive in case there were any family, friends, associates, or debtors wondering. I think I’ll get back to more regular, and hopefully more interesting, posts once the Wx goes to crap and I can’t get outside as much.
Which should be soon. “They” set up the fish counter trailer at the river coming out of Belfair and from the time it gets taken down to the onset of crappy weather is, usually, only a matter of weeks. Like two.

Saturday. Not In The Park.

f28697e4-800b-4743-82c0-78908a42d9b3Just not a lot going on. SWMBO and I got out of the house yesterday and wound up having “date day” a day early. Which is okay with me. Thing is, being retired and all, we could do date day again today if we wanted. She’s worth it.

Started “redeeming” the electronic copies of all the movies I’ve bought over the past few years. Phew! Just typing in the URL’s is time consuming. Then there are those places (Paramount?) that require you to sign up for their newsletters and special offers. But, luckily, president&ceo @ paramount.com seems to work just fine. (I hate being forced to sign up for something.) So far I have 40 movies on Vudu with a stack of about 50 to go. Hopefully I can put those on Vudu also.

Otherwise, SSDD. Chili Dogs for dinner. Tried out my “air fryer” and it seemed to work okay. Accidently just baked the “fries” for awhile but that seemed to work out.


Ok. Testing From Windows & Open Live Writer

tz14_thumbCause I can’t get it (Open Live Writer) to work in Linux. Did I change my passwords?

Date Day went great! SWMBO took me to breakfast at FPH cause she’s going to help some folks learn stuff at the genealogy library from 1300-1700 (or so). We still managed to spend way too much at Walmart getting things for the new RV.

Which we got yesterday. The Rv; not the stuff at Walmart. We left the house at 0700 and I expected it to take forever for us to get to the dealer. But, traffic moved right along and we had time to stop for breakfast before our appointment.

No problem with the trade-in. No problem with the financing it in my name alone (so I can build some non-married credit). No problem getting home.

We used 1/4 tank of gas getting to the dealer; which included a couple of long down grades. Used about 2/3 that coming back even with those former down grades becoming up grades on the way back. Cool!

Now I’m looking to how I can extend power to a receptacle under the bench seat. Think I can come in from the external plug-in near the door. That should work. Otherwise, it’s a nice RV. Looking forward to getting out on the road.

BTW, I keep Windows around ONLY because I use this program (Open Live Writer) and a program called VideoMach (which I paid for) cause I haven’t found a similar program in Linux. And Linux is totally bereft of a decent blogging program.

Well, I *AM* Getting Better. Healing, That Is.

Schtuff-0085bWhich is good. I’ve gotten to the “itchy” stage of the healing process. Which may not sound like a big deal to you, but, when that itch wakes you up at zero-dark-thirty and the non-ignorable itch is up your butt, you appreciate being able to scratch when required in a whole new way.

But, be warned, your spouse/significant other WILL look at you strangely. And ask if you need help. Maybe.

Decided that I *need* to lose weight. About 50 lbs and I can get off the cpap and (probably) the blood pressure meds. But I don’t want to get caught up in one of those “eat right and exercise” scams.

Otherwise, SSDD around here. We’re moving into the “wet” season so it’s been darker (and rainier) the past several days. Doesn’t do my solar much good. Supposed to get around 3 inches between now and Sunday evening. (And it’s supposed to rain too! (Couldn’t resist.)) It is wet out there. Back 40 is getting flooded.

Our Wx At The Moment

Anywho, nothing going on except it’s raining cats and dogs out right now. Got dark about 3 hours ago. Think I’ll find a movie. Or get back into my book. Dead or Alive by Clancey.

Jeez, I hate Winter.