Saturday. Not In The Park.

f28697e4-800b-4743-82c0-78908a42d9b3Just not a lot going on. SWMBO and I got out of the house yesterday and wound up having “date day” a day early. Which is okay with me. Thing is, being retired and all, we could do date day again today if we wanted. She’s worth it.

Started “redeeming” the electronic copies of all the movies I’ve bought over the past few years. Phew! Just typing in the URL’s is time consuming. Then there are those places (Paramount?) that require you to sign up for their newsletters and special offers. But, luckily, president&ceo @ seems to work just fine. (I hate being forced to sign up for something.) So far I have 40 movies on Vudu with a stack of about 50 to go. Hopefully I can put those on Vudu also.

Otherwise, SSDD. Chili Dogs for dinner. Tried out my “air fryer” and it seemed to work okay. Accidently just baked the “fries” for awhile but that seemed to work out.


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