Sunny, Hot, Busy Day. Yay!

Digger showed up about 0830 (or so) and I’ve been on it all day. Got a lot done!

2016-04-18 15.42.46a2016-04-18 15.42.59a2016-04-18 15.43.21a

Driveway (did both upper & lower), New garden area behind the house, and the place dug out where SWMBO wants to put a rock/brick wall. Also made my new “road” so I can pull the Caravan around the house easily. (Which was why I had to move my garden in the first place.) Took most of the day to get just this done. (Also filled a couple of sink holes and worked on our main road some to get some of the bumps and holes out of it. Neighbors should be a bit happier for it.)

2016-04-18 12.47.58

The new BTech Mini UV-2501+220 came in (along with most of the rest of the “stuff” I ordered a couple of days ago). UPS got lazy and didn’t even try to deliver it (I would have seen the truck! I was doing the driveway) so I had to make a run to the Post Office to pick it up. Got it out of the box but not hooked up yet. Yet.

That GREAT Chiliburger I had at Sisters Restaurant last Saturday

Anywho, it’s almost 1800 and I’m pretty much done with the digger. Did all I’d planned and a couple of “extra” things I hadn’t. Was it worth the $300 to rent this thing for a day? Probably. And it didn’t come out of our pocket/budget. (Thank’s to the Renters!) None of what I did ended up “perfect,” but, pretty near. Now to rent a cement mixer and buy some cement and get my new planter beds started. And SWMBO’s wall, of course. (And I got a new butt-ton of rocks to pick up.)

Think I’ll go play with my new Raspberry PI 3 for awhile before going to bed.

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