Early Saturday. Lost A Day Somewhere.

000001755So, this entry is being made on my Windows 7 Virtual Machine. Which I used  before I got that ACEpc Windows 10 mini-computer. So I’m exploring if I shouldn’t just stick with this and get rid of that and maybe free up some desktop (meaning my actual physical desk). Not to mention the extra keyboard and mouse.

Either is a pain in the ass. Start this VM to make a post, or, start the mini-computer and make a post. But, to make a post on the ACEpc I have to copy any graphics to a thumb drive, eject it from my desktop, plug it into the ACEpc and copy if to the HD before I can import it into a post. (Although I suppose I could skip that last copy part and import directly from the thumb drive.)

And I do like Winddows 7 over Windows 10 any day. But if I could get Open Live Writer to work in Linux, Windows in any form could be regulated to the ACEpc running Ham Radio Deluxe only. (Might be time to see how much WINE has improved…)

Oh, I know why I lost a day. SWMBO and I had Date Day on Thursday this week. Completely threw me off. Duh! Guess I’m a creature of habit more than I thought. And she did go to the Genealogy Library Friday to help the new helpers.

Walk done. Breakfast ate. SWMBO is off to the Library. Time to check for junk mail.

Dang! Accidently reset my Google password!

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