Date With My Schweetie Friday!

So I got her up a bit earlier than usual and she took me to Denny’s for breakfast. Then we stopped by the smoke shop in the mall on our way to COSTCO (where we spent way too much money!). But, I found “Lone Wolf McQuade” and a three-disc “The Worlds Greatest Railroads” set (all Blu Ray) for sale; that I just had to get. The movie for me and the Train video’s for my F-I-L back in Ohio.


Other than that not much going on. We both went out and watered the garden when we got home. Straightened up my computer/radio (hence shortened to just My Room) and finally got some of the stuff that’s been laying around put away. About Time!

My Ex-

Got all the financial paperwork done and printed out for the MCARC meeting tomorrow morning. Lot’s of questions will be asked about our vacation.

Wx sucks here. Too cold! Funny that on vacation I wore shorts and t-shirt everyday but here I have to wear long pants and even put my coat on yesterday afternoon. Typical WaRshington “summer!” I hate this place.


N7YGE just e-mailed me that he might know where I can get a free tower. That would be cool!

So I had ice cream…

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