What A Nice Wx Day!

I’d be willing to bet it got to 85 degrees here at the house. Sunny! Hot! My kind of day! Spent as much time outside as I could, went for several walks around the property, ate a butt-ton of blackberries, and just enjoyed this day as much as possible.

We Do Not Need Any Lightning Right Now. Nomatter How Cool It Would Be.

All the while loading the Caravan for our trip. Had to make a run to WinCo and figured, as long as I was in town, also stopped by the Vape Shop and got another battery for my vaper-thingie. Mostly got sandwich stuff at WinCo so we could eat while driving if we wanted to. Or we could stop by the road somewhere if we wanted to. Or we could go hungry if we wanted to. (Did I cover all the bases?)


Listened to the Noon-time Net (7268.5) while laying out. Heard a lot of folks. The Sheriff’s bands have been busy with a truck turned on it’s side up near the Naval Hospital. Heard a report of another vehicle turned over later this afternoon but don’t remember where. All the usual ambulance runs and rescue stuff going on too. It’s fun to listen in and not have to respond.

Wx Here While We'll Be In Utah

This is one of the rare occasions that I’m glad SWMBO’s Son lives in our basement. He can keep an eye on the house and feed the animals while we travel for the weekend. Other than that …

SWMBO is home and made herself dinner and put some of the stuff she wants to take into the Caravan. She wants to take her sewing machine? She’ll be doing genealogy the first 3 days and trekking around canyons the 2nd 3 days. When’s she going to get time to sew? (She’ll manage though.)

Anywho, supposed to start raining tonight so I’ve buttoned up the Caravan and brought in everything I don’t want to get wet. Think I’ll go lay down and read.

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