Just Another SSDD Monday.

Sorta Kinda had a headache most of the day; so I didn’t get a whole lot done. Don’t know what brought it on except for maybe sleeping late this morning. Woke up telling SWMBO that she was going to be late, when I noticed her side of the bed was empty and the clock was showing 0630. About 45 minutes too late there, Bud!


Did make a run to WinCo for sweet tea. Stopped by the Vape Shop and had them check out my Invader Mini. Worked perfectly for them, of course. But the guy cleaned it all up and reassembled the tank to see if that would stop the leak. It has so far. Only thing he did different was to put juice on the rubber gaskets before reassembly. Hmmm.

Stopped and got SWMBO’s meds refill at the Naval Hospital. Really like that drive through refill place. There was no one in line either so I had no wait at all. Cool!


Started putting some old cabinets I have left over from other projects up in the basement in the area that was going to be my “computer fixit” area. If nothing else it’ll get them up and out of the way and may even provide additional storage area for “stuff.” We have lots of “stuff.”

Finally started gathering all the old PC cards I have stored in the basement into a box to get rid of them. Including about 9 different wireless phones that have been sitting down there these past 7 years or so. I have a laser disc player and about a hundred laser discs that I don’t know what to do with. Spent around $3k just on the discs when I first got them. Will probably not get anywhere near that selling them on Craig’s list. Would probably be lucky to be able to give them away.

Railroad tracks, Baldwin County, Florida, U.S.

Anywho, not much else going on. Still haven’t done my “homework” from the Extra class so will probably do that tomorrow.

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